Natural Sins

Having established new market positioning for the Natural Sins brand, LRXD, a health and happiness advertising agency, was trying to bring Natural Sins to life through packaging design.

As a team with diverse styles and approaches, we aimed to develop packaging that encapsulated who Natural Sins were as a brand, by clearly communicating their point of difference at shelf and ultimately resulting in sales – driving them to dominate the US snack category. The project scope included the creation of at least five initial designs to establish the look. Each was to be totally unique and directly connect to the brand positioning platform. The following design process was for one of the designs presented to client.



When it comes to snacks, nothing could ever replace a bag of chips. Until, one bites into Natural Sins, a Costa Rican fruit and veggie chip that’s out to steal a few potato chip fans along the way. Like Costa Rica itself, Natural Sins is full of jaw-dropping wonderment. What once was a family recipe for snack chips is now giving the king of snacks, the potato chip, a serious run for its money.

Think pineapples grown in volcanic skirts, pacific crest mangoes, wild coconuts and mountain-sprouted beets. Every fruit and veggie chip is hand-cut down to the millimeter for that one-of-a-kind crunch. Then, after dusting each tray with a hint of cane sugar, the ingredients are baked to perfection. With only two ingredients, each crisp is more nutritious than the average snack chip. Get ready to awaken all five senses, not just your hankering for something salty or sweet.




The custom illustrated pattern for Natural Sins is based on the same straightforward principle that Natural Sins’ brand is built on – simple and natural . It illustrates the process of hand-slicing and hand-packing each and every bag, and captures the heart and soul of the brand and it’s origin.