Lyra Health

Ebay Launch Campaign

Mental health issues affect more than 44 million adults in the U.S., and the vast majority of them go untreated. Whether it be the stigma, not knowing where to turn for help, or thinking that the problem will just go away on its own, many people are not seeking treatment. Lyra Health is tackling this problem with an online, confidential tool that helps identify the issue, provide treatment options, connect members with providers, and even follow up throughout treatment.
Lyra partnered with Cactus to launch their service within corporations, initially eBay, as part of the companies’ employee healthcare benefits package. Our solution, “Just as Harmful,” featured absurd physical issues to emphatically point out that not getting treatment for a mental health issue is as ridiculous as not getting treatment for a physical one.

Role: Concept & Ideation + Art Direction
Agency: Cactus
Creative Director: Jeff Strahl
Copywriter: Ricky Lambert
Photography: Tony D’Orio




Recognition: The One Show – Silver, CO, 2017