Innovators of Style

As the design sensibility of a designer brand evolves, the brand it established initially may no longer reflect the current work. This is the challenge faced by Express, an American fashion retailer, whose logo from it’s launch in 1980, bears little relation to the clothes it is selling today.

To create a new identity that will better reflect the brand’s point of view, without moving away too much from its existing personality, I designed an identity for Express that captures the brand’s contemporary attitude and helps position it for future growth.

I understood quickly that this was more than a logo design project. The current Express logo has been in use since the eighties, but has done little to create a profile for the brand. The brand needed something that can be ubiquitous and iconic, immediately identifiable when glimpsed across a busy street. The store has never had a signature color or signature pattern like Burberry or Tiffany. By examining their history, I found the store had used only black and white since its founding.

I decided to emphasize the Express heritage, while signalling that it was looking to the future, a place of constant change and surprise with a consistent dedication to quality.

MOOD: In the early creative sessions, I gathered a lot of visual inspiration. I kept coming back to the boldness of artists like Franz Kline. That kind of dramatic scale and energy is what Express’ design system needed.

COLOR: The advantage of deploying black and white is that it creates recognizable consistency without sameness, with all further decoration and embellishment stripped away, to better set off the vibrancy of the clothes.







Express Interface

UX/UI Design

Online shopping is projected to be half of all sales in the U.S. by 2018 – competition among retailers is at an all time high. Today, customers have an infinite number of shopping choices at their fingertips; therefore, along with a new identity, it is important for Express to use digital intelligence to gain an edge with their customers by bringing personalized offers and relevant products to their attention while on express’ website.


The following process highlights the strategy that was applied to revise the existing interface design of the Express website.

Concerns: Although shopping on Express website is faster and convenient with unlimited purchasing options, it is not possible to filter the search options as per one’s needs. The website shows items that are irrelevant, when one knows what exactly to buy. Also, users cannot choose more than one color/style option, and there is no choice to filter with price preferences. Additionally, shoppers are unable to find out if their purchase selections are available at a store nearby, to make a reservation and pick it up at their convenience. It is inconvenient to enter sizes and style choices over and over under different sections. The current interface is time consuming and extremely tedious.


Focus: The following sections and features were added to the new website design:
Enhanced filter options
Price ranges
Option to ‘Reserve in store’
Personalized style profile
Re-organized layout to focus on relevant information


Strategy: Two of the new sections added were the ‘Choose Colors’ and ‘Choose Price Range’ under each apparel selection. This way, the users can choose multiple color options and price ranges that help them compare the products side by side before making the purchase.

The second section incorporated in the re-designed website was the ‘Reserve in a Store’ under each product. The goal is to enable the user to find required item(s) at the nearest store and reserve them for pick up instead of waiting on delivery, saving time and providing a choice of easy return process.

The third section developed was the ‘Personalize Express’ tab on the main navigation. The user will be able to enter and save the fit, style and size options for all the offered apparels only once. This will save time, as the website will only provide relevant information to the user after saving the personal settings. By catering to the user’s needs directly, every time he/she revisits the site, Express will bring the the virtual retail sales person to life. And the saved data of the user can provide valuable insights to semi-customize the site specifically to the users, saving them time and frustration.